What is The Freelance Institute?

The Freelance Institute is an exclusive Slack community dedicated to helping freelancers learn and grow. By chatting with other freelancers from all over the world in real-time, you can learn faster and make better decisions, make valuable connections, and gain a sense of belonging when self-employment gets lonely.

Who runs The Freelance Institute?

Hi! My name is Matt Olpinski and I’m a full-time freelance web designer and developer. I’ve been freelancing for over 10 years and started this community so I could help more freelancers learn faster while also learning from one another.

Is this community right for me?

The Freelance Institute is PERFECT if you’re…

  • New to freelancing
  • Thinking about making the transition to freelancing
  • Tired of asking Google important questions
  • Not sure who to trust for good advice
  • Getting lonely working from home
  • Looking to make valuable connections
  • Don’t have $1,500 to spend on conference tickets

then this community is exactly what you’re been looking for – and totally worth it!

How much does joining cost?

Community access is a simple $10 per month. You can also choose 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year subscription plans which are offered at a discounted rate! You’ll be able to manage your own account, update your billing info, and cancel at any time. Think about the things you spend $10 on each month. How many of them have a major impact on your career?

What’s the purpose of this community?

We’re dedicated to helping freelancers learn learn faster, make better decisions, meet similar people, and find inspiration from others on the same path. We believe blogs, newsletters, eBooks, and YouTube channels are all wonderful ways of learning. But what happens when you have a specific question? Who can you ask? Our community exists to give you access to a global network of freelancers who can give you answers in real-time, 24/7.

I’m not an expert… is this still for me?

Absolutely. In fact, you are the reason why this community exists. You have no obligation to answer questions, but remember that you’ve had experiences that someone else hasn’t. That makes you valuable even if you’re just starting out or feel like your floundering right now. You are awesome, you are welcomed, and you are encouraged to be bold and share your thoughts!

I’m not a freelancer… is this still for me?

While anyone is welcome to join, but you should have a vested interest in freelancing. Otherwise, this community might not be as valuable to you. If you’re thinking about starting a freelance business, we’d love to help you learn more. The community is perfect for anyone running their own business, freelancing, self-employed, or just interested!

How do I know I’ll get good advice?

There are plenty of full-time freelancing experts already in the community and questions are always publicly visible in channels. Together we’ll monitor replies for quality, but we encourage everyone to join in the conversation. That’s the beauty of Slack – you’ll get answers from many sources, not just one.

How long will it take to answer my questions?

We can’t guarantee responses, but our community is active and growing quickly. It’s likely that someone will respond within a few minutes, but may take up to a few days. We encourage you to ask your questions in a channel so anyone can respond quickly with feedback and guidance.

Can I send private messages?

Absolutely! Some questions (especially financial ones) are more personal. You might not want the whole community to know if you’re struggling with payments or invoices. But Slack is amazing because you can also send direct messages anyone else in the entire community. You can even do screen-shares and video calls!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription at any time and update your billing info in your own account! We’re using Gumroad for subscriptions, which gives you total control over your email address, billing info, and subscription access. If you have any questions, we’re just an email away. Contact support@thefreelanceinstitute.com and we’ll be happy to help!

How do I manage my account?

Since you’re purchasing your subscription via Gumroad, that is also where you will manage your account. This includes things like VAT taxes, invoicing, payment reminders, and more. Just visit the Gumroad Help Center if you have more questions or message Matt (Admin) in the Slack community!

What is Slack?

Slack is an incredible real-time chat app that facilitates conversations in topical channels. You can view a demo here.

Why Slack?

A live chatroom like Slack isn’t good for building a knowledge-base. Thankfully, that’s not our goal. We want to facilitate instant communication between freelancers all over the world so we can learn from each other and get our biggest questions answered quickly. Slack is perfect for that, but we are keeping an eye on the latest technologies as well. If there’s a better platform in the future, we may switch to that instead!