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Dozens of spaces to help you thrive as a freelancer.

Have questions about freelancing? Want to meet other freelancers? Need freelancing resources? Our community was created for you!

Community Features

We've taken great care to organize our community in a way that's extremely valuable and user-friendly for our members.
Community Spaces
Get the latest community news & events, meet new people, share personal achievements, and plug your work!
Business-Focuses Spaces
Our business channels are designed to help you learn the business of freelancing by talking directly to other freelancers.
Interest Groups
Have fun and meet new people by having conversations based on personal interests, such as skills, hobbies, or locations!
Valuable Resources
Our community is packed with links to the best freelancing resources, hand-picked by our community managers!
Member Directory
Browse our full list of members, visit their profiles, find them on social media, and send them direct messages.
Project Leads
We automatically import freelance job leads from over 20+ high quality sources so you can find get more clients.
Live Events & Replays
In this space, you can find our upcoming and past community events, including the video replays and downloads!
Goals & Wins
We want to encourage you to reach your career goals and celebrate your wins with you, big or small!
Plug Your Work
A place for shameless self-promotion. We want to see what you're working on whether it's a website, side project, or hobby!

Platform Features

Our community is built on the Circle platform. It’s the best of Facebook, with the beauty of Slack, and the power of a forum.
Highly-Organized Content
Everything in our community stays super organized so you can always find what you need quickly and easily.
Powerful Search
Find valuable content quickly and never lose track of posts, comments, or replies! If you can’t find it here, post it yourself!
Engaging Discussions
Our members ask great questions and offer detailed answers. Our experts make sure conversations are high-quality!
Threaded Conversations
Unlike Slack, threaded comments help conversations stay organized so you can quickly find the most relevant advice.
Weekly Digest
Get our weekly digest of the weeks popular topics, comments, stats, and new members! Or opt-out at any time.
No Ads or Distractions
Unlike Facebook, Slack, or other forums, you won’t find any ads or distractions in our community, ever.
Simple Notifications
Notifications are completely customizable and non-intrusive so you're never frustrated and always know when to check back.
Unlike Slack, our community can be bookmarked in your browser so you can keep us at your fingertips.
Mobile App
Our community runs on the Circle platform and a mobile app will be available soon!

What our members are saying about the community:

Our members love The Freelance Institute community, but don't take our word for it. See what they have to say!
Since this community is private & paid, the quality standards are extremely high. You can always rely on the community members to get the best freelancing advice.
I am really enjoying this community so far and have really appreciated everyone’s support and thoughtful responses to my messages!
The Freelance Institute has quickly become my new secret weapon. I’ve met so many talented people who have helped me take my business to the next level. There’s nothing else like it!
I was able to go full-time freelance in 2020 and honestly believe I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I didn’t join The Freelance Institute 2 years ago. One of the best communities for freelancers!
I can’t afford to make mistakes when vetting new freelance clients so this community combined with Matt’s insights and experience has been golden for me!
Not only have I received extremely actionable advice, I’ve also gained access to a network of talented freelancers which has lead to making great connections and receiving more work for my business. I would definitely recommend any freelancer in any industry to join!
I really don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found a community like this. It truly is a godsend! I’m literally going through every post on every channel here!
Every year, I spend thousands on events and courses to help my freelancing business. The Freelance Institute allows me to ask questions directly to experts, network, and troubleshoot any problems I’m having. $12 a month is a steal.
I joined the community to talk to other freelancers, bounce ideas off them, and learn from their experiences — I’ve always wondered where to go for that!