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Why join our community?

What makes us special? Find out why we think our community stands out from the crowd and will be a valuable part of your journey as you take your freelancing career to the next level.

To become a successful freelancer, you need more than books, articles, videos, and podcasts. You need a community where you can connect with real people, learn from their experiences, and get tailored, practical, and actionable advice when you need it the most.

Some experts say you should use hourly rates. Others say use fixed or value-based pricing. Some experts say you should send cold emails and use job boards. Others say to attract clients using your own website.

Everyone’s freelancing career is unique, so how do you know what advice will work for you?

You need specific answers to your unique freelancing questions. That’s why our community exists — to help you find your own version of freelancing success, meet other freelancers, find the best resources, and have fun doing it.

✅ Discuss freelancing, directly with other freelancers
✅ Stay connected and overcome loneliness + self-doubt
✅ Have engaging conversations and make valuable connections
✅ Avoid costly business mistakes
✅ Chat with other freelancers in member-driven interest groups
✅ Get access to the best freelancing resources
✅ Automatic freelance gigs +job leads posted weekly
✅ Dozens of spaces to help you succeed as a freelancer

Freelancing can be intimidating, isolating, and leave you pondering difficult questions at a time when you need answers the most.

Your freelancing journey is unique and your questions require tailored discussion — not generalized advice.

Books, articles, videos, and podcasts are great, but often leave you asking more questions like, “Will this really work?”

In our community, you can talk to other freelancers, meet people on the same path as you, ask questions, get answers, find out what worked for them, and what will work best for you!

Community Benefits

🤝 Community Spaces
💼 Business-Focuses Spaces
🤓 Interest Groups
📚 Valuable Resources
👫 Member Directory
⚡ Project Leads
🗓️ Live Events & Replays
🚀 Goals & Wins
🔌 Plug Your Work

Platform Features

🎯 Highly-Organized Content
🔍 Powerful Search
💪 Engaging Discussions
🧵 Threaded Conversations
📬 Weekly Digest
🚫 No Ads or Distractions
👋 Simple Notifications
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What Members are Saying

“I cannot thank you enough for this community. It truly is a godsend! I’m literally going through every post on every channel here!” – Aleesha R.

“Since this community is private & paid, the quality standards are extremely high. You can always rely on the community members to get the best freelancing advice.” – Darshan G.

“I can’t afford to make mistakes when vetting new freelance clients so this community combined with Matt’s insights and experience has been golden for me!” – Darjan H.

“I joined The Freelance Institute because I needed some guidance early on in my freelance career. It’s amazing to be able to learn from and connect with expert freelancers. I have no doubt that their advice will help me take my business to the next level!” – Gareth W.

“Not only have I received extremely actionable advice, I’ve also gained access to a network of talented freelancers which has lead to making great connections and receiving more work for my business. I would definitely recommend any freelancer in any industry to join!” – Chase P.

“I joined the community to talk to other freelancers, bounce ideas off them, and learn from their experiences — I’ve always wondered where to go for that!” – Jasmine R.