Get 30% of every transaction, forever.

We believe that right now community is more valuable than ever. The more people join, the more valuable our community becomes.

So to help get the word out there, we’ve created an affiliate program! If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s essentially this: you’ll get paid to share The Freelance Institute with your friends.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a Gumroad account if you don’t have one already. If you’re currently a member, you should already have an account with Gumroad from when you originally joined. This is required to pay you.
  • Tell us you want to be an affiliate! If you’re a member, send a private message to Matt (Admin) in Slack. If you’re not a member and would still like to earn a 30% commission, email We’ll just need your Gumroad email address.
  • Share your unique link with everyone!
  • Get 30% of every transaction from every member who joins via your link, forever.

Payout Examples

Let’s say 1 person signs up via your unique affiliate link for $10/mo. You would automatically get paid $3/mo (30%) for every month that member is subscribed.

From there, the math is easy:

  • 30% of 5 signups @ $10/mo = $15/mo for you!
  • 30% of 10 signups @ $10/mo = $30/mo for you!
  • 30% of 25 signups @ $10/mo = $75/mo for you!
  • 30% of 100 signups @ $10/mo = $300/mo for you!

Marketing Kit

To help you share The Freelance Institute with your network, we’re providing you with a marketing starter kit, which includes a variety of images optimized for sharing across websites and platforms.

Download the Marketing Starter Kit